Victoria University Polytechnic | Members Statements

Ms SULEYMAN (St Albans) (10:04:55): I was very excited to be part of the launch of Australia’s first cybersecurity training centre at Victoria University Polytechnic in St Albans in partnership with Cisco. The state-of-the-art facility will give students skills and training for jobs now and of course in the future, filling the gap in this very important and rapidly growing sector. Thanks to our government, students are also able to complete certificate IV in cybersecurity as part of the free TAFE program. We can see and I certainly can see the potential these partnerships will bring to St Albans, and I know there will be other organisations and companies. There is no doubt St Albans has the capacity to be the next Silicon Valley and have more partnerships, and I would like to see Google and other organisations also see the potential of St Albans. I would like to thank the vice-chancellor of Victoria University, Peter Dawkins; vice-president of Cisco Australia, Ken Boal; Cisco director of government affairs, Tim Fawcett; and of course the dedicated VU teachers and staff for working with me in the past three years to transform and renew St Albans campus. I think that there are a lot more partnerships and fantastic opportunities for St Albans campus. We have seen St Albans in partnership with the Sunshine campus of VU become a jobs and skills centre. On another matter, I wish to send my heartfelt— (Time expired)