Ginifer Train Station | Adjournment

Ms SULEYMAN (St Albans) (17:08:17): (1293) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is for the public toilets at Ginifer railway station in St Albans to be open to commuters. It was the Andrews Labor government that removed the level crossings at both Main Road and Furlong Road, and it is fantastic to see the former minister here in the house, who really instigated—and it was one of our priorities in the first term of the Andrews Labor government—the removal of the dangerous level crossings at Main Road and Furlong Road. We did that and the community has been celebrating, and we have had a safe record since then. Constituents and passengers have informed me that there have been some issues in relation to the toilet facilities at Ginifer station. Many would know that Ginifer station is now taking approximately over 13 000 passengers on a daily basis. It is also a hub that is nearby to—again, an Andrews Labor government-funded new hospital—the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital just down the road and also the Sunshine Hospital, providing a valuable service and medical facilities, but most of all we are getting our medical professionals coming into St Albans, which is absolutely critical. We have also seen the opening of the Victoria University medical research campus at the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and of course the St Albans campus of Victoria University is the new home for cybersecurity and other courses. That is absolutely growing by the day. As members can see, we know the investment and we have made record investment when it comes to my electorate of St Albans. From Sunshine to St Albans we are seeing a growing investment. We are seeing also the airport rail link, the Suburban Rail Loop, the Metro Tunnel and many other projects that are so important. Ginifer station is an important station to the local community, but it is also important for the passengers who are coming into St Albans. This has become very much an activity hub. I would say Ginifer station has become a stop for medical, health and education activities, and we really do need to provide that essential service. It is something small, but it is becoming a concern and a worry for my community, and I would humbly request that there be public toilets provided at this particular station. As I said, there are 13 000 passengers each day travelling through this station and stopping at this station, so I ask that we provide these toilets at Ginifer station. We have made the investment in the past, and this is something small that my community will benefit from.