New Classrooms For Furlong Park School For Deaf Children As Part Of Statewide Special Needs Boost

Furlong Park School for Deaf Children is one of twenty specialist schools across Victoria that will have their classrooms upgraded and there will be more support for its students, as the Andrews Labor Government continues to make Victoria the Education State.

Member St Albans Natalie Suleyman today announced $500,000 from the 2016/17 Victorian Budget will go to upgrading the school’s aging buildings, ensuring students have the modern classrooms and spaces they need to learn.

This funding is part of a $155.8 million budget boost to ensure special needs students get the opportunities they deserve.

The funding includes:

• An unprecedented investment of $68.5 million to upgrade 20 specialist schools, including seven in regional Victoria, and double the Inclusive Schools Fund, which helps schools meet the learning requirements of all students, including those with special needs.

• $49.7 million to support an extra 1,750 students who are expected to be eligible for the Program for Students with Disability in 2017.

• $22 million to help students with autism and dyslexia by increasing the number of speech pathologists, reading intervention programs, language screener tools, providing extra teacher training, as well as developing and delivering Victoria’s first dedicated strategy to help students with learning difficulties like dyslexia.

• $15.6 million to help students with disabilities traveling between home and school, which includes the replacement of up to 56 older buses.

The Andrews Labor Government is making Victoria the Education State for all students – no matter what their background or circumstances.

Quotes attributable to Member St Albans Natalie Suleyman

“This investment will upgrade classrooms at the Furlong Park School for Deaf Children and ensure local students with special needs get the help and the first-rate facilities they deserve.”

“We are making sure that every student with special needs has the chance to fulfill their potential.”

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