Getting Things Done in St Albans

The Victorian Budget 2018/19 will deliver new skills, good jobs, more schools and better roads for every Victorian.

A brand-new emergency department at Sunshine Hospital will make sure that local residents get the care they need, close to home.

The $29.6 million investment will see an extra 31 cubicles in the emergency department, a separate children’s section, a medical imaging suite and an expanded administration area.

At the same time, across Australia, mental illness is hurting communities and leaving families heartbroken.

That’s why this Budget includes $705 million to address mental illness and addiction.

This includes six dedicated crisis hubs in emergency departments, including Sunshine Hospital, to make sure people get the specialist treatment they need.

St Albans families will also have good schools close to home, with nearly $1.3 billion invested in schools around the state. This includes building and planning 28 new schools, and upgrading 130 existing schools.

Locally, $1.3 million will modernise facilities at Albion Primary School, while $300,000 will upgrade classrooms at Sunshine North Primary School.

The Budget includes $150,000 to deliver improvements at St Albans East Primary School, as part of the School Pride and Sports Fund, with a further $100,000 to deliver refurbishments at Monmia Primary School.

St Albans’ kids will get the best start in life with new investments in our state’s kinders. This year’s Budget delivers the single largest state investment in kinder infrastructure, with a record $42.9 million to build, upgrade and equip kinders across the state.

Starting next year, a $17.9 million roll-out will see specialist language teachers deliver language classes to 120 kinders across the state, with another 10 to have up to half of their daily curriculum delivered in another language. Local kinders are encouraged to apply for funding later this year.

Cost should never stop someone from learning new skills, that’s why this year’s Budget includes $172 million to make priority TAFE courses free, giving more St Albans residents the chance to be able to train at TAFE and get the right skills they need for a good job.

30 priority TAFE courses and 18 pre-apprenticeship courses will be made free, while more than 30,000 new TAFE places will be funded across the state.

More local students will also be able to finish school qualified and ready to work, with the introduction of Head Start Apprenticeships and Traineeships in 100 secondary schools.

It means kids in our community will have the option to undertake an additional year of high school, and graduate with an apprenticeship or traineeship, ready to start work in a good job.

St Albans students will also get expert advice to help them make the right career choices, with career education in schools to be overhauled across the state and start from Year 9.

This year’s Budget continues the Andrews Labor Government’s overhaul of Victoria’s public transport system –including detailed design work to run High Capacity Metro Trains on the Sunbury line, providing more services for local residents.

This is a Labor Budget that delivers on the things that matter most to our state. This is a Budget that gets things done.

Quotes attributable to Member for St Albans Natalie Suleyman

“From local schools to local skills, this Budget is getting things done for St Albans.”

“This is a record investment to make sure local people struggling with mental illness get the treatment they need.”

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