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Topic: "health"

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Getting A Flu Shot Before The Flu Season Hits

The Andrews Labor Government has ordered record quantities of the flu vaccine and is once again protecting Victoria’s littlest children from the deadly disease because Scott Morrison and the Federal Liberals won’t.

Laws Passed To Boost Nurse And Midwife Ratios

The Andrews Labor Government has delivered on its pledge to give nurses and midwives the laws they need to deliver the highest quality of care for Victorians. New legislation passed Parliament today to enshrine improved minimum nurse and midwife to patient ratios in law –..

Call For More Supercare Pharmacies In Victoria

Victoria’s first five 24-hour community Supercare Pharmacies have helped thousands of people get the care and advice they need from pharmacists late at night in just the first seven months – and with seven more on track to open mid this year, this number will only continue to grow.