Kealba High School Site | Members Statements

Ms SULEYMAN (St Albans) (10:02:22): Recently I met with Kealba Residents Against Over Development and the principal of St Paul’s, Kealba, catholic school, who are concerned about the proposed development at the Kealba High School site on Driscolls Road. Residents are concerned about the overdevelopment of this particular plan. As a local and former Kealba high student, I understand and share the concerns of the local residents. I would like to thank Kealba Residents Against Over Development. I know they have been active and have been working hard in raising awareness on this matter, and many residents have submitted objections to Brimbank City Council. I call on all parties, including Brimbank City Council, to take into consideration the concerns of the residents and develop a responsible plan that is consistent with the Kealba community. This is an important and significant site for Kealba. In particular, the residents are not against the development, but they want to see something that is reasonable and within the neighbourhood of the Kealba community. It is a unique suburb in my electorate that abuts Brimbank Park. The amenity around Kealba is unique, as I have said, and the development needs to fit in with the character of the area and not adversely affect the day-to-day living of Kealba residents. As I said, this is an opportunity to develop something that is responsible and reasonable for Kealba.

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