Ballarat Road, Albion, Traffic Lights | Adjournment

Ms SULEYMAN (St Albans) (17:10:50) — (13 966) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is that the minister give serious consideration to providing funding for the installation of traffic lights at Perth Avenue, Chatsworth Avenue and Hulett Street along Ballarat Road, Albion, in this current budget cycle. These intersections are a safety concern not only for motorists but also for locals, pedestrians and the school community. I have listened to the concerns of my residents, and I have also attended a public rally. I have met with VicRoads on a number of occasions to discuss the potential safety issues at these intersections. VicRoads has investigated and agrees that the lack of traffic lights is a safety issue and supports the proposed installation. I know that the minister is deeply concerned for the safety of all Victorians on our roads. The action I seek, as I said, is for favourable consideration to be given to the proposal.

It will not only address the safety concerns, which I previously outlined, for the school community but also for the local traders and local community, and that includes the Sunshine mosque, the retirement village on Ballarat Road and of course the many community centres in Albion. These particular three intersections are at the moment very dangerous. The ability not only for motorists but also for pedestrians to access public transport is of particular high concern. I call on the minister, as I have previously stated, to make funds available in the upcoming Victorian budget.

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