Education State: Supporting Parents and Kids in St Albans

Schools in St Albans will share in more than $2.6 million of extra funding in 2016 as part of the Andrews Labor Government’s plan to make Victoria the Education State.

It’s all part of our plan to help kids learn, give parents confidence and provide the resources that teachers need. Under the plan, every single student in every single government school will be better off.

The 2015/16 Victorian Budget was the single biggest injection of education funding in Victorian history, providing almost $4 billion in additional funding to education. We are building and upgrading schools and helping families with the costs of uniforms, glasses, camps, excursions and more.

Our Budget built the foundations of the Education State, but the next step is all about helping our kids learn, giving parents confidence, and giving teachers the resources and skills they need to do what they do best.

The additional funding to schools is on top of funds already provided for enrolment growth, indexation and the everyday costs of running a school.

Quotes attributable to Member for St Albans, Natalie Suleyman

“Making Victoria the Education State starts with our local schools.”

“This extra investment is exactly what schools in St Albans need. It means more confidence for every parent and the best chance for every child.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education, James Merlino

“Over the last few months, thousands of Victorians told us that our schools are ‘good’. They aren’t broken, but we can absolutely make them better.”

Additional funding for schools in St Albans: 

Furlong Park School For Deaf Children $5,000
Monmia Primary School $30,573
Ardeer Primary School $39,024
St Albans North Primary School $42,017
Victoria University Secondary College $48,014
Jackson School $53,143
Keilor Downs Secondary College $83,593
St Albans Primary School $125,710
St Albans Heights Primary School $134,635
University Park Primary School $140,766
Albion Primary School $152,774
Albion North Primary School $155,493
St Albans Meadows Primary School $174,406
Sunshine North Primary School $182,854
St Albans Secondary College $187,717
Stevensville Primary School $188,791
Keilor Views Primary School $202,567
St Albans East Primary School $268,350
Sunshine Harvester Primary School $455,750
Total $2,671,177

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