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Getting On With The Western Rail Plan

The Andrews Labor Government is keeping its promise and getting on with the vital planning needed to deliver fast rail to the regions and more metro services to our growing suburbs.

Getting A Flu Shot Before The Flu Season Hits

The Andrews Labor Government has ordered record quantities of the flu vaccine and is once again protecting Victoria’s littlest children from the deadly disease because Scott Morrison and the Federal Liberals won’t.

Boosting Community Safety in St Albans

The Andrews Labor Government has announced funding for the Albion Railway Station Precinct Lighting Improvements project, improving perceptions of safety and community confidence in Albion.

Building Upgrades at Furlong Park

Furlong Park School for Deaf Children will soon have important new works undertaken, thanks to the Andrews Labor Government.

Delivering A New Off-Leash Dog Park For The West

Western Suburbs residents and their four-legged friends will have a new place to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors, with a re-elected Andrews Labor Government to build a new local dog park.

A Bigger, Better Football Club for the West

Families in Albion will be able to rely on great local sporting facilities, with a re-elected Andrews Labor Government to deliver $300,000 towards the Western Eagles Football Club.

Getting On With Airport Rail Link

The search is on for businesses, investors and constructors with the know-how and experience to help deliver the Melbourne Airport Rail Link.

Delivering a Great Local School for St Albans

Victoria University Secondary College students will have world-class facilities, with a re-elected Andrews Labor Government to build the first stage of the school’s masterplan.