New Ginifer Station Installed at Furlong Road

Major construction to remove the dangerous and congested level crossing at Furlong Road is one step closer to completion.

In the beginning of August 2016, the new Ginifer Station was installed at the new site. The new Ginifer Station will be located closer to Furlong Road, to provide commuters easier access to Sunshine Hospital and the medical precinct.

The new train station was built offsite in a large factory in Kilsyth and then transported over 50 kilometres through Melbourne to it’s final position. This follows the installation of the new St Albans Station at Main Road a few weeks earlier.

Delivering Furlong Road at the same time as Main Road means that rail shutdowns can be shared and there will be fewer disruptions public transport users as well as project cost savings in the long run. This project, which will create 200 jobs, is part of a $480 million package of works by the Andrews Labor Government.

The project aims to improve safety, traffic flow and promote economic activity in the St Albans area, with work expected to be completed in 2017.

For more information on the Level Crossing Removal Project go to or call the hotline on 1800 762 667.